Exclusive: Minty Burns ft Young Thug - Relaxed (Remix)

Today our good friend and Toronto native, Minty Burns was cool enough to bless Zambah with an exclusive track! The track, "Relaxed" is a Young Thug song which Minty decided to hop on and showcase his versatility as an artist. I like seeing Minty experiment with different flows like he

Hip-Hop Music Pick: Sahtyre- "Perfect World"

Sahtyre, an LA rapper recently released a music video for his single, "Perfect World" off his new album "LSD SAGA". "Perfect World" has footage of Sahtyre himself, his family, friends, his girlfriend and other things that go on in the world. This is probably my favourite track off of LSD

How To Get Famous Immediately

Being famous is the result of someone doing something that intrigues the public so much that public can't deny this person their attention. And then BOOM! They get famous. Sometimes idiots get famous. They are intriguing to the public for being a spectacle or for being a catastrophe like Honey

Award Show Jealousy

It's real and you probably have it. Christ, we are a precious bunch, aren't we? Every sensitive artist is a snail on a razor blade, desperately trying to protect their self-image. The Grammy's annoys me, but not nearly as much as it used to. Perhaps I'm slightly more mature now.

Introducing Zambah's New Podcast - The Purple Lounge

We're thrilled to announce the debut of our first official music podcast titled, The Purple Lounge! The Purple Lounge will be a weekly podcast that will feature a dope combination of music and talk segments. During the talk segments you should expect entertaining and informative music related topics that will

Music Every Monday - July 27

Add these 5 amazing tracks to your music collection! Listen, enjoy, and share your favourite tracks! #1. jOsh - Villain #2. Chris Castello - Good Night #3. Sub Hero - Switch Off feat. Joan Silentio #4. J Cloud - When I'm High #5. Dakota Drive - Chap' Click here to

Music Every Monday - June 20

Add these 5 amazing tracks to your music collection! Listen, enjoy, and share your favourite tracks! #1. James Guild - Insomniac #2. Alissa Feudo - Hurricane #3. Laughed The Boy - My Friends #4. NOISEINK - Caterpillar #5. Theartist Shyine - Back To Life Click here to check out this

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