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You're an independent musician?
We believe we can help you promote your music and get more fans!

The Artists

We are all about exposing great indie talent to the world! Independent artists will have the chance to showcase their music through a great mobile app that gives every artist equal opportunity to promote their identity and gain new fans.

We connect

Our plan is to be that link that bridges the gap between the indie scene and the mainstream masses.

The Listeners

True music lovers will be exposed to many never before seen or heard independent music artists trying to make their mark on the indie scene every time they open up the app.


You sign up and make an artist profile

You upload your songs, and add hashtags to them so that new listeners could easily find your music on the Zambah music player

When listeners open the app, they will be exposed to new music every time. The Zambah music player randomly plays all uploaded songs in a way that gives every artist a fair chance to be heard. The listeners can follow you on Zambah and other social media, get your updates, and even buy your songs!

How much $$$ is it?

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It's FREE!